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Where did you see the show? What did you think of the performance? I appreciate all of your comments and feedback. Please include your e-mail address with your message so that I can return a "thank you."  I would also love to send you my e-mail newsletter. That way I can  keep you posted as our magical journey continues.  We will not display your e-mail address with your message.



2015-07-11   ::   Dan
Great show I highly recommend everyone see it, if they have the chance. Really enjoyed it.
2015-07-10   ::   Mirei
Great show! I really enjoyed it. Best of luck!
2014-09-27   ::   AnnelVillasenor
I absolutley LOVED your show and hope that you keep making people happy as you have made me!!
2014-09-23   ::   Cheese
It was so cool to have you come to our school (LMS) and show us some tricks at lunch! It was really cool to have you sit down at the same table I was at (you were literally 1 spot away from me.) I had a lot of fun and I hope you can come again sometime. Anyways thanks! :D
2014-07-25   ::   Jacque
We had the privilege of seeing your show at the Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabos in November, 2013. Everyone in our group really enjoyed your show. We will be returning to Mexico in October and are hoping you will be performing somewhere in Cabo during this time.
2014-05-14   ::   Lori E
Sterling...I had the honour of being on stage with you at the magic show at Secrets Los Cabos. What a thrill it was to see a table levitate right before my eyes! Thank you for choosing me as your assistant! Lori
2014-04-03   ::   perriveganes
Thank you for a great & amazing show at the Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabo, Baja Sur Mexico. Fabulous venue!
2013-08-08   ::   H2o Demon
I saw two of his shows at the Skagit Valley Fair this year, and let me tell you they were amazing. I've been active in 4H for many years, but this was the first show of his I've seen. I was skeptical at first, as I've not been impressed with fair presenters on the pass; but the way Sterling interacts with his audience before, during, and after the show is simply amazing.
2013-07-23   ::   mspmagic
Saw you peform at the Magic Jamboree in Oregon a couple of years ago. You are extremely talented and we were very impressed. We wish you the best!
2013-04-11   ::   Shelley
We were fortunate to be in the audience tonight at the Barcelo performance - what a treat! A charasmatic and talented young man, definitely need to watch the progress of this career. My 11 year old daughter was riveted, and we both were in stitches along with everyone in the room. Thank you for making the effort to include strong life-lessons and inspire our youth to dream big. Impressive performance!
2013-03-20   ::   Hippokid31
Your performance at the dreams hotel in cabo San Lucas was amazing and was so funny
2013-03-11   ::   Chris & Tom
We saw your fantastic show at the Melia Cabo Real and loved every minute of it. Loved how you included a child from the audience and made it such a memorable experience for him. What a wonderful and touching story at the end of your performance with the newspaper. You are very special, indeed!!
2013-03-08   ::   bob
enjoyed your show at the Melia last week!
2013-03-03   ::   M. Grotkier
Just saw Sterling perform at the Melia Cabo Real, he was amazing! I cannot believe he is only 22 years old. We thoroughly enjoyed his show and highly recommend that you see it if you have an opportunity. My son enjoyed being part of the show when you picked him from the audience. Thanks for the magical night Sterling. If you make it to Arizona, let us know.
2013-02-10   ::   Peter & Delia Brands
we brought our kids to see you at the high school in Blaine a few years ago and you were fantastic!!
2013-01-03   ::   Barry
We live in Cabo. Where are you playing?
2012-12-15   ::   John & Laurie
We saw you in Bellingham 12/15/12 and the show was awesome. We were impressed and wish you all the best with your career. We hope to be able to say we saw him when...
2012-12-15   ::   CM
2012-11-21   ::   Kaleigh
Saw your show at the Lynden Fair! Such a fantastic performer... would definitely see it again! Keep up the good work! :]
2012-08-30   ::   Mick Jolly
My familyand I have seen Sterling perform many times over the years and he always amazes us with a world class performance that is fresh and alive with energy.
2012-07-22   ::   Deja & Matthew
We got to see your show again at the kids fest in ferndale,Wa. We are again amazed by your magic and the passion you have. Can not wait to see you again....
2012-03-31   ::   Liz from Calgary
My 74-year-old mother, my 4-year-old son and I loved your show at Barcelo Los Cabos at the beginning of March.  I especially loved how much of yourself you put into your performance.  Way to go!
2012-03-12   ::   Kevin Connelly
We saw your promo at Cabo Villas on 2/22 and 6 of us attended your show on 2/24.  We loved it.  Even at close range, we were unable to see the "tricks".  We only saw the "magic".  Thank you.
2012-03-07   ::   Larry & Carol Chesnut
We took in your show at Los Barilles on Feb. 11, 2012. We sat in the front row and my husband ( the bald headed guy ) helped you with two of your tricks. We had a picture taken with you afterward. We really enjoyed every minute of it and we still haven't figured out how you do any of the things you do. Thanks to contributing to our wonderful stay in Los Barriles! Best of everything for your future!
2012-01-27   ::   Peter & Mary Kay
Amazing show tonight at Cabo Villas. Even sitting in the front row, 10 feet from Sterling, we are mystified by his illusions. Very smoothly performed and totally entertaining.
2012-01-17   ::   Sacramento/Cabo Fans!
My husband and I saw Sterling perform when we were in Cabo a couple of weeks ago.  What a GREAT SHOW!  If you get a chace to see it, I highly recommend it.  It is a great show to take kids to, also.  I'm hoping he will still be in Cabo when we go back so I can take my teenager and her friends.  I woul recommend the show for all ages.  Definitely Las Vegas quality!!-Jim and Sherree Prokes
2012-01-07   ::   Judy

I saw your performance at cabo villas on 1/6/2012. It was wonderful. We will be seeing you again soon. Thank you judy



2011-12-22   ::   Mindy

Saw your show at the Royal Solaris. Your skill is so impressive and entertaining! Our two girls were totally enthralled and inspired, as were we. Loved how you involved the audience too.

2011-12-06   ::   steve k.
Saw sterling at cabo villas beach resort, los cabos, on dec 2nd, and we were blown away! Sitting so close, we thought easy to see how tricks are done, but with sterling's speed and ability, no chance! Great card tricks, exciting 'girl in box with swords', and touching story involving tearing of a newspaper. All in all, amazing, and we will enjoy watching your rise on national scene! (Come do a show in Toronto-maybe 'breakfast television' or 'marilyn dennis show'!
2011-09-24   ::   love sterling
i lovve you sterling you can to lynden middle school and i love youre show.
2011-06-27   ::   a person from the anacortes cancer walk
OMGOSH!!!!!!! i love ur magic!!! SOOOOOOOO amazing!
2011-05-09   ::   Shaze
Your Illusions are amazing!!!!
2011-02-11   ::   Paul and Pat
Sterling, we are hearing so many great things about you.  Continue your rise to fame and may your travels take your show around the world.  Keep up the good work, stay well and enjoy life.
2011-02-09   ::   candy
you are great!
2010-12-05   ::   Richardo from Alaska
Very much enjoyed the opportunity to participate with you as a guest from the audience last Sunday.  I believe all had a wonderful time with your performance.  Thanks again.

Richardo from Alaska

2010-12-04   ::   Mafeer!
You're awesome! And you make great Magic!
2010-11-29   ::   Jimmy
Saw your show at the Plaza in San Jose last night. Cant wait to see your full stage show. You had the whole crowd going crazy. Great showmanship!!
2010-11-23   ::   Male
Congratulations! I am so happy to have a unique show like yours here in San José, it is something totally new for this area, and you are great! So professional, so charming... Sterling you are a great magician and excellent person.
2010-11-22   ::   Baja Bob
Sterling, Thanks for knocking one out of the park! I saw your first show here in Cabo and am excited to be coming to your next performance on Nov. 30th. I do "out there" events and activities for groups here in Cabo and believe me, there neither is nor has there ever been something as powerful as what you have going on. I'm excited to see you grow both as a magician and as a stage performer. I'm a hard guy to WOW... and you left me with my mouth hanging open! Bravo!
2010-11-22   ::   Terri
Wow!  What a great show.  I had a fantastic time.  I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face.  I have seen the show twice and I can't wait to go again.  I am sending all our guests to spend a magical evening enjoying "THE MAGIC OF STERLING'!!
2010-11-19   ::   Dave from Phoenix
Our resort concierge in Cabo San Lucas had recommended that we go see your show. The mixture of magic, music, and comedy had us from the beginning to the very end. My wife laughed so hard she almost wet her pants. Your ability to handle the audience and guests onstage was just amazing. We will tell all our friends coming to Cabo not to miss your show. Thanks for a great evening!!
2010-11-17   ::   Maddie
I would love to see your show live. We will be in Cabo Dec. 11 through the 18th.
2010-11-06   ::   kiana
you are awesome totally
2010-10-26   ::   wahoo rv
we live in san jose del cabo and would like to catch your show please keep us updated as to were and when you will be performing. thanks chuck
2010-10-12   ::   Nat
I saw you at the Whidbey Island Fair and you were amazing! you made my day :)
2010-08-29   ::   Lover of Magic

Saw your show for the third time in Ferndale Event Center. So sorry to hear you are moving away from the area!!! I really think you magic is great and your stage presance is above that of Sigfried and Roy or even Copperfield's! I hope you and your assistant keep up the great work you both do with magic and come home to your home town every so often for future shows!!

2010-08-29   ::   Leo
Great job with your farewell show! Watching it made me so aware of the value of live entertainment, especially magic. Keep up the good work, and I hope to someday continue our close-up magic battle.
2010-08-18   ::   Summer
Dear Mr.Sterling,You have a great stage personality. your so energetic, I'd like to come to another one of your shows. i hope to see you again, p.s. let's go out to breakfast again ;)  
2010-08-13   ::   Lovin' It!!
2010-08-12   ::   Liz
He is amazing!
2010-07-25   ::   Aaron
Nice performance at WOW -thanks
2010-06-30   ::   JESSE
hello i"m a chinese"magician i met you in Beijing of china.2008
2010-06-18   ::   Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M
Keep up the good work! Your show is simply AMAZING!!!
2010-06-17   ::   Courtney
Hey Sterling! It has been such a delight to watch you grow and explore the world and yourself over the years. I'll still never forget you as a young actor for Mrs. Millers plays! Keep up the good work and always look to Him when in doubt.
2010-06-13   ::   rob
Sterling, awesome job at NV grad night event. I've heard of you but was real blessed to see you in person.  You have great stage presence and audience rapport, for anyone, much less someone 19. I've been doing grad events for about fifteen years, and yours was hands down the best I've seen. Keep up the good work.
2010-06-03   ::   Sheryl Aguilar
Sterling, it has been fun watching you over the past four years at WMS and a few other conventions.  I wish you luck in your new endeavor.  Sheryl
2010-05-26   ::   Glenda Johnston
SOOOOOO  Happy for all of you guys, but sure do miss all of you as well :)
2010-05-26   ::   Jack and Cindy Louws
Congratulations on securing your new Teatro de la Ciudad in Cabo Mexico! We are excited for you to perform in your own theatre! May you continue to gift others with your talent!   
2010-05-21   ::   Draco the illusionist
Hi Sterling! Very nice job! I haven´t seen you live, because I live in Portugal, but all i have seen on you-tube was great, and thinking that you are so young and so recently linked to magic... and you are already so great. Congrats and I hope to meet you someday.
2010-05-20   ::   Shania
I saw your show and i thought it was awesome and to think your only like a 18 year old younger then my sis, so yeah! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!
2010-05-14   ::   Selena Gomez
You are so cool!!!!! Can you come to my school in Bellingham Wa? Do you think you could make it oh and the school is Lummi Nation School if you don't come I wiil be sad

2010-04-30   ::  
I was blown away by a 19 year old magician named Sterling Dietz, I knew he had won a lot of international and national contests but I had never seen his show. He is the next super star in magic! Here comes the real deal!
2010-04-29   ::   LIV LIFE

Sterling,I have never seen you but alot of my friends have said wondeful things about you and your show.

We need your help! Liv Life thru COTA[Childens Organ Transplant Associaton]Is hosting a fundraiser for a 5 year old girl, Olivia Cook, on May 22 at The Village Green in Fairhaven. We are looking for local talent to preform.

Olivia has a rare kidney disease called ARPKD. She is in need of a life saving kidney transplant. The financial burden of the medical bills is overwhelming her family.

If you would consider preforming at LIV LIFE you can contact me at or call 303-2632

Thanks for your time,Jennifer Day


2010-04-29   ::   hihihihi
dude your shows are awsome i know tons of people who went to school with you and im on your facebook group!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-26   ::  
Dear Sterling, You inspire me. I love to be with people who discover what they love and then put the effort required to achieve their dreams. You are certainly one of those individuals! I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about why people come to your show. It is entertaining, it is well thought through, and you are personable. But, Sterling, why do people keep returning? Why do people light up when I tell them you will be performing? Why would I, a mother of 5 ask for one more thing on my “to do” list? Sterling, I headed up the committee and come to see the show because I like YOU. I like what you have inside of you. Not only are you a dreamfinder and exceptional at your trade, but you have something else inside of you. You keep the show personal. You let us inside of your life and you care about the people who came to see you. You make us LAUGH. If laughter is good medicine, than I am certain many people went home much healthier than they came. And there is a type of peace that comes from you during the show. And you offer that to the audience in your own way. I am excited about your step to open your own theater. Passing on your work ethic and your performance vision will be something to grow into. You have had many mentors. You will find your own way to shepherd your team. As a mother, I have found that I can walk toward my dreams for my family, but my dreams have had to change and grow to include my children’s and husband’s talents, dreams and limitations. It has been bumpy. But when I see those moments, as your parents have, when one of my children steps into their destiny, I have no greater joy! Your team of performers did an impressive come back on the Music Box Trick. Their resolve to get it right was evident. They have to journey to maturity just as you have. And you have done it masterfully. Thank you for letting us share in the profits of the evening, we are grateful. I had a blast being part of your team. Your parents were very nice to work with. All the students who met you at lunch and those who came to see the show, have not stopped talking about the Magic of Sterling! Sincerely, Kim Peterson SBEA Playground Committee Chair
2010-04-25   ::   Christina

ur the best sterling!

2010-04-25   ::   Sara
Definitely enjoyed working your show on the 24th of april, it was amazing,
2010-04-18   ::   John R. Durant
We saw Sterling entertain a large crowd at the Washington State Math Competition near Bellingham, Washington on 4/16/2010, and it was truly a first-rate show! We were amused, dazzled, and blown away by his humor, showmanship, and skill. He is at his pinnacle when he performs slight-of-hand magic, and he had us wanting more. My family and I also appreciated his deftly placed message about the importance of family relationships. To wrap that in a mind-bending magic trick made it poignant but not preachy. It would be great to see him perform more near Seattle, but he's outgrown any one city venu. He needs a bigger stage!
2010-04-18   ::   Gabby
2010-04-15   ::   Steve Wazny
Sterling you are the best!!
2010-04-10   ::   Elliott
Sterling is one of my greatest inspirations in  magic.
2010-03-23   ::   Greg the Great
Keep up the great work!!
2010-02-11   ::   Mary Twidt

I am a friend of Tim Flynns and he told us about the show you had last year at the IKEA Performing Arts Center in Renton and we went.  That was the most enjoyable that I have ever been to.  You are amazing and talented for someone so young.

You wowed us with your magic and your showmanship.  We have told everyone that they must attend your show if they get an opportunity to do so.

 Good luck to you and your future. 

2010-01-07   ::   Toni
Sterling,  it's obvious with your heart and spirit, you are well on your way to becoming one of the greatest. I look forward to seeing you one day in Vegas and wish you the best in all your future endeavors.  God Bless you.
2009-12-07   ::   Eric Sullivan


It is wonderful to see how your career is progressing.  My friend Todd McAuliffe and I had breakfast with you and your father at the IBM Convention in late June of 2007 in Reno.  It has been a pleasure, to see how your showmanship has been developing.  I really enjoyed your Torn and Restored Card Video.  I am sharing your sites with my nephew Kyle Riordan who started working in magic the week after we met.  Maybe we will met again at the Colon Magic Get-Together some year.


Eric Sullivan, IBM Member

Marshall, Michigan


2009-12-05   ::   Tetelle
Sterling, Your shows are nearly as amazing as you are.  Thank you for the newsletter.  "Far, Far, away" sounds like you will be a guest on Shrek 4.  I am intrigued.                           Aloha, Ttb
2009-11-29   ::   skip
Sterling, You are simply Amazing!!! Your future is very bright. Thanks for the great performance.
2009-11-21   ::   lilacs
Your show is amazing! I'm so very impressed with your heart and spirit of service expressed under the social responsibility tab! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talent and gifting so many!
2009-11-13   ::   Joan Dewey
You are an inspiration to other young persons not only because you have such a talent with magic but because of the discipline, commitment, and community minded caring you model,I live & work with Yup'ik eskimo children who would so enjoy your performances I hope to see one of your shows in the future, maybe in the Northwest or Las Vegas.
2009-11-12   ::   Robert Sode
Best fan page I've ever seen
2009-11-12   ::   BREBRE
Your magic and stage presence, Blew me away!!!!!!
2009-09-09   ::   Ken Marsh
Hi Sterling, Just viewed your DVD - only wish I'd been able to be at your performance when you were in Renton. Perhaps there'll be another opportunity one day. Only one comment about your show: "Magnificent and Compelling". You're headed for Stardom Big Time, as your magic, comedy, and dance reflect that you work hard to achieve perfection and reach out to include your audience. Congratulations also to your assistant Jessica. She was a great asset to your show. Your Mom mentioned at the picnic on Labor day that you have a newsletter. I'd be interested in being on your mailing list. Best Wishes and Good Fortune for your continued Success. Ken Marsh
2009-08-31   ::   EmeraldForestSoundguy
hey guys thanks for the update sorry i couldn't make it to the Lincoln performance, I've been busy at the evergreen fair. YOu guys are the best!!
2009-08-31   ::   Dann Warick
Abby and I have had a really nice day. We just returned from Mount Vernon after seeing Sterling's magic show! WOW, what he has accomplished in such a short time is nothing short of amazing. We were both awed and amazed...we laughed, we cried. Sterling you are amazing!
2009-08-30   ::   Dick
We attended your show last night at Mt. Vernon's Lincoln Theater after hearing your interview with Joe Flood on KBRC radio Thursday.  I signed up for your newsletter there (please make sure!) and look forward to you performing before too long in the area so that I can take my soon to be 9 year old granddaughter.  Your show is very good and  wholesome entertainment for the whole family.  I'll expect to see great things in your performing future.
2009-08-27   ::   Dennis Loomis
Great Web Site Sterling. I can't wait to see you perform.  

2009-08-17   ::

Hey Sterling, Was great to meet you at FISM. Congratulations on all you have done and all the best of luck with future magical projects.  Joel Howlett Australia

2009-08-16   ::   zach S.

hey, saw you at the fair. and talked to you for a bit about almost canada and what not. anyways, you are awesome with your mad magic skills and i was wondering if you could send me the name or a link to the hardcore japanese techno music you used during your show.

hope to see you at an other one of your shows :) 

2009-08-15   ::   Michael, Johnathan and Emily
Saw your show last night at the Island County Fair, you are such a great magician. It was great to meet you after the show and thank you for signing the card we got during the show.
2009-08-09   ::   presley k.

sterling,I'm one of your friends on myspace so you can talk to me on there. anyways i saw you at bp at 8/7/09 i was doing the pony rides. ive seen you three times live! :P      presley- 

2009-07-14   ::   K.J.
I would love to do an interview with you for our paper. We loved your show!!
2009-07-04   ::   Fishtags
Great show you put on at Box Berry farm. I really enjoyed watching you. Also it was really good to talk with you after the show.
2009-06-30   ::   prating fans

We thank the Lord for giving you and Jessica this talent. If you keep him first he won't let you down.

Congradulations to both of you  God Bless.

2009-06-30   ::   Hawes family
My children and I attended your recent performance yesterday. Both of my children left totally excited about seeing your absolutely wonderful performance and being able to meet you and your family after the show.  Both of them could not stop talking about your performance the entire evening.  We have already promised them that we will attend your upcoming show in August in Mt. Vernon, WA.  They can't wait for their father to see you perform too!  At the dinner table this evening, they couldn't stop telling their father about the show. They both kept saying "my favorite part was.... and would tell about something you did. Then they would say it again.... finally my husband started to laugh and said "your favorite part was the entire show! And they both agreed that it was! Thank you for a wonderful experience this afternoon!
2009-06-26   ::   Justin
wow...I'm also a teenage magician, and after doing magic for 9 years I thought I was good, but after seeing you perform, I'm Dude, you are THE BOMB! You are an inspiration to young magicians everywhere! Keep up the miraculous works!
2009-06-20   ::   Robbin
Sterling:  Had a chance to talk with you today at the Boxx Berry Farm event....thank you so much for signing the poster for a friend's son in Monterey....he will be thrilled.  You are so talented and a joy to talk to.....enjoy your travel to Bejing...look forward to following your career.
2009-06-13   ::   sarann donegan

Saw part of your outdoor show at the Bellingham Public Library this afternoon and want to see the whole show. What future performances are scheduled in Whatcom County. Thanks.

2009-06-11   ::   K.J.
2009-05-08   ::   Kimberlee

Dear Sterling,

I am from Fairhaven Middle School. I think you are going to be there on May 18th. My grandparents have told me about you and to me you sure sound really talented.


2009-04-25   ::   Jenn
   I saw you at the Bellingham Boys and Girls club awhile ago. I was truly impressed. You are a wonderful magician! You really know how to rock the stage. I have told my friends about you, and am looking forward to your next show!!!!
2009-04-22   ::   Brad
I just saw your work at the Bellingham Boys and Girls club at the GaPac event you did. I take my hat off to you, in this day and age of all the young little punklettes running around trying to be something their not, you sir have become what you wanted to be, a truly magnificent and entertaining magician. Yet you don't possess the arrogance and ego of a jaded veteran performer, don't lose quality!! You connect with your audience and sadly in this day and age that too is a diminishing quality in performers. As you were looking for a volunteer at one point while walking by me you just stopped, briefly, just long enough to say "How you doing sir" and shook my hand, and moved on. It had nothing to do with your act, it was a genuine greeting by a quite impressive young man. That kind of consideration you have for your audience only enhances an already dazzling performance. I just thought you needed to hear that your sincerity towards your audience did not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated tonight. Thank you for a very entertaining evening and I look forward to watching your skyrocketing career because from what I have seen you have what it takes to reach the heights of Houdini and Copperfield, and beyond.
2009-04-19   ::   Nepal
you're an amazing magician! thanks for sharing your website with us. :) well, it was nice to be able to meet you at the conference...take care!
2009-04-19   ::   Lizbeth
Hey this is a little bit wierd but we saw each other at the UWMUN and i just wanted to say congrats you did a really nice job in there.I saw some videos of you in this website and you were really amazing and oh i did noticed that you have some really long fingers. Hope you get back to me.
2009-04-16   ::   Debbie Conwell

Sterling, I was at the Allstate event April 18th and you made a group of adults smile and laugh and for an hour, forget about the economy, politics the market and the pressures of work.  Loved the show and really enjoyed and was touched by reading your website. Your dedication to excellence in your trade and your commitment to giving to your community made an impression.  You also express appreciation to those who have invested in you and your talent. Very refreshing.

Keep following your dream. 


2009-04-05   ::   Tess
Sup dude! U are so awesome I have seen ur show many times but it still never gets old. You are very good with the audience and I could never even think to do even half of what you do every single show.
2009-03-27   ::   Aurelia Lavinia Canute.....


well your show was amazing and great even though we got there late well yeah your the youngest magic person I had ever met well probably the 1st magic dude in the world� i met in person it was a great experience and everything it tripped me out when you spun that black and white thingy it was AMAZING.....well yeah i hope you have a great day and for the rest of your life :D and yeah you are pretty�CUTE and and yeah but your to old well not that old well yeah humm�(changing subject)

well yea you should get a myspace..:D and yeah well peace g2g�

hope to talk to you soon :D


2009-03-26   ::   Anthony

Hey, i want to see one of your shows. you should come to chicago!

2009-03-15   ::   ashley
2009-03-14   ::   Ashley
hey sterling, that was great show u had on there last saturday. my dad and my aunt and uncle and cuz were there. my dad was pointing at me to tell u too pick me. i didnt no at the time. then he told me like after the show. i think ur an awsome magician. so i just wanted to say that u were great cause i never went to a show before. that was kool. ur show is awsom and ur sooo cute. 
2009-03-13   ::   UNKNOWN
2009-03-12   ::   ALEXIA AND YVETTE

yo sterling your show is so cool and your so cute

me and my friend love you

2009-03-09   ::   ashley
hey sterling, i loved ur show last night i was the one sitting in the front with that big white jacket and i got a picture with u, anyways i just wanted to sayI really enjoyed ur show and I think ur very very good at magic
2009-03-08   ::   Bre

I saw your show at BHS yesterday and it was amazing! I have never seen a live magic show before and Im glad I went to yours as my first one. Magic is an interesting thing to watch and when i watch you, i can feel your passion for it. It is just indescribable. That you want to do this is so awesome. You have fun on stage, and your stage presence is incredible. Haha You're also a comedian. You got mad skillz. =]

2009-02-21   ::   The Clarks
Good Morning Sterling, It was so nice to see you last night... you have the "gift" .It was such a treat to see someone at your age so developed in this art. God has blessed you.
2009-02-15   ::   Crissy
Your eyes reveal the depth of compassion that lives deep in your soul.  Amazing for a being as young as you are. I saw something in your eyes that night in Renton when you invited my Special Olympic athlete to stand and be reconized. At your tender young age you seem to understand and have compassion for the struggles of others. For that one night my son felt FAMOUS. You are his new hero! Thank you.
2009-02-14   ::   Ling Ohana

Hey Sterling,

 Thanks you signing my son's poster, "Kupono."  my wife (Philette), daughter (Kili), son (Kupono) & myself (Les) all enjoy your show & in fact, when do return to Olympia/Tacoma or whenever we are visitng Vegas & you are performing there, we will come to visit you - you are awesome & will definitely make it very big one day. I will spread the word with the Washington Hawai'i organizations to let them know of Sterling's roots back to Hawai'i

Les & family!

2009-02-14   ::   stevie
Your amazing!!! You made me want to be a magician.
2009-02-13   ::   Dave & Tricia Martin
2009-02-07   ::   Janice
Having never heard of you before, I was lucky to see you on Evening Magazine; once I knew you were performing at Lake Stevens H.S. on 1/31, I called at least a dozen people to join me for your show.  One friend took me up and we were in the second row.  You blew us away.  We all know that magic is an illusion, but your magic is real.  More friends have promised to go with me to your next local show; I know that soon enough you will no longer be performing these smaller venues - you will need much larger theatres for your accumulating fans.  You have a great heart, an incredible stage presence for one so young in years.  You can only become a greater performer, and your openness & generosity will continue to make us feel that you are performing just for us.  The world will know who you are, though.
2009-02-07   ::   Shelly
OMG!!!!! How can someone so young, have so much talent? Our family cannot believe the star quality that you have. You drew us in like nothing we have seen before. We had a great time at the Ikea. We saw you on Evening magazine, and had to go.
2009-02-07   ::   Logan

WOW!!!! You are truly amazing! You took our breath away. I am still smiling and can't believe the show you performed. Thank you for your moments of inspiration. You are the best! Can't wait to see you again! 

Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center 3pm show

2009-02-03   ::   Laura
We loved the show in Blaine, Sterling. Our kids were so wowed by the combo of the dancing, since we had only seen you outside last summer. The show was terrific, and super for a family of varied ages. Thanks for all you do! The Aosveds
2009-02-03   ::   Trina
"Hi Sterling! My mom's co-worker saw your show in Lake Stevens this week. She came back raving about it. My mom will be at the show this coming Sat night herself. She's pretty excited to go! They can't wait to have you at their event. I'll see you then!"
2009-02-03   ::   Christine
I think we will go to the Renton show as well. My 8-year-old daughter Molly got your autograph last night. She was thrilled. We are HUGE fans. You are a very talented performer. :-)
2009-02-03   ::   James
My son and I saw Your show in Lake Stevens PAC. It was totally the most amazing and entertaining show we have ever seen. We are still talking about days later. Thank you so much for bringing your talent to our town.
2009-02-01   ::   Dylan
I'm a hobbyist magician who has never seen an IBM or SAM competition before, so I had no idea what level of skill it would take to win some of the prizes you've racked up Sterling.  Having seen your 7pm show 1/31/09, now I know... wow.  Hugely impressed.  Thanks for being nice to my 8 year old when she got your autograph.
2009-01-31   ::   Sean R.

Your doing great!

Keep up the good work Sterling!

2009-01-31   ::   Jcka

Hello Sterling!!

YOU ROCK!!! WE HAD A GREAT TIME- watching your show/performance in Lake Stevens (31 Jan.09) with my 5 years old Bianca. She love your show. She wants me to buy  plastic balls --so she can do magic/trick like you do. She did love the calling card and the signed pic of yours. Keep up the great job! Saw your MOm--thought she is a Filipino and she is... porud to be a Filipino.

2009-01-30   ::   CCS
2009-01-30   ::   Brandon

Hey sterling whats up man. I think you do wonderful magic and keep people entertained and at the edge of their seats. I think you are an inspiration for other magicians to take their careers to the next level. Keep up the great work.

2009-01-27   ::   Patty
What a terrific show on Saturday to benefit the Susan G. Komen event.  You are an amazing and talented and young man.  You and your parents have my respect for your focus on family, life, and meaningful progress.  Best wishes.
2009-01-18   ::   Kimberlee

Dear Sterling, My grandma was at your performence on January 17, 2009. She called me and said that she went on stage with you and did one act with the red bag, the egg, and the dove. She also told me that you gave her a poster of you and you signed it, along with a card that you had thrown out to the audience with bunches of other cards and my grandpa had caught one. Kimberlee

2009-01-08   ::   Ty
Amazing talent and website.  So very impressed that you are so intune to what God has raised you up to do and be. You might remember my Dad used to entertain us once in awhile with magic.  I know that he is looking down with big smile at what you've accomplished.  
2008-12-26   ::   DDT

Jiminy-crickets, all of this is so insane! I remember you back from ECS giving speeches for talent night and taking chess by storm... now I can go online and see you performing in front of thousands of people, not to mention accepting world wide awards! Congrats, keep pursuing your passion, but don't forget the little people! Haha! 


2008-12-20   ::   Kiana

I got to see you during your performance at the Assumption Gym.  It was great--you were great!!  I really want to see you perform again and bring my friends and family--maybe invite you to our school and community. 

2008-12-20   ::   RHD
The members of Lynden Masonic Lodge No. 56 continue to be pleased with the progress you are making in your career.  HH would be proud. Keep up the good work!
2008-12-20   ::   Warren

Every year politicians promise reduced class loads if their constituency will support them. Anyone who makes such a proposal is mildly retarded, and anyone gullible enough to believe it has no faith on our youth.  Give me 35 Sterlings.


Love, and Merry Christmas, Warren -Missed you in Tacoma.  sad(:

2008-12-15   ::   lillian
2008-12-12   ::   keyawna
hi You Rock!!!
2008-12-12   ::   Kristina


it was so cool having you come 2 my school in Ferndale!  ur performnce was really fun and it was the 1st fun thing my shcool EVER did! which is saying someting! i hope that u can come again!! 


2008-12-01   ::   yvette
hey sterling your the coolest!
2008-10-09   ::   cool
Im happy that you came to my school. You are the best magic person I have ever met . I bet you know my school and my principal mr. Fairbear something like that I am an Eagleridge student i want you to send me stuff about you i will tell you my address and all that stuff i want to keep at least one picture of you .please send me a picture because i will keep it FOREVER.
2008-09-23   ::   Scott

Thanks for the great performance in Lynden.

My newphew Jaesen really enjoyed it!


Please keep me posted on any new shows



2008-09-21   ::   Mark Paulson

Sterling, my wife and I really enjoyed your stage show, "Peace, Love, and Magic" at Lynden Middle School.  I am so impressed with your stage presence every time I see you perform.  Both you and Jessica did a terrific job of mystifying the audience.  You will go far, my friend.

Mark Paulson, Washington State Deputy, Society of American Magicians, and S.A.M. Assembly 200 member, Seattle, WA

2008-09-20   ::   Curt
Thanks Sterling for a great perfomance at the Lynden Middle School . My family and I enjoyed the show your the best keep it up take care. Yyour friend, Curt
2008-09-16   ::   Ron H.

Sterling - congratulations on all your awards, great magic and terrific web site!  Hope to see your show someday soon.  Be sure to let us know if you're going to be in the Spokane area!

IBM Ring 225, Spokane WA

2008-08-22   ::   Odie 13
AWSOME, AWSOME MAGIC. You do a good job of being a rolemodle for "kids" of all ages. Keep grounded and keep looking to the stars.
2008-08-20   ::   Caroline

Great magic!!!!

2008-08-17   ::   Zoey
2008-08-17   ::   Catie
Loved you at the Island County fair I hope you're coming back next year =]
2008-08-17   ::   RWE
Will you be making a DVD of your performance any time soon?
2008-08-17   ::   Bailey

Sterling, you were amazing and hilarious at the Island County Fair today. I saw half of your first preformance and I had to see the 2nd one. Both of the shows drew me in, and I'd LOVE to see more of your shows.

Much Love,


2008-08-15   ::   Tanner Clark
Nice job at the NWWF, it was absolutely amazing... i have yet to see anyone who can see your shows and not be blown away... Extremely Good Job...
2008-08-13   ::   Shane Belceto

Hey HEY!


You made camping in the rain more then memorable and would like to pass on a HUG to youf rom my family.   Your talent and flexability  to go on with the show is amazing.  To bad we didn't think to grab you for a salution when we got rained out of our tent ... smiles.     

Keep checking off those goals in your notebooka nd adding new goals to the list.

Shine ON! 

Expect Miracles...


2008-08-04   ::   skip
sterling was the first live magic show i saw. I was blowen away
2008-07-28   ::   John Logan

Hey Sterling,

Hows it going man? Just watched some of your videos. Your really good. As just a junior in High School, you are going to go FAR. Anyway, your very talented and just wanted to stop and remind you that. haha.

Well take care

-John Logan

2008-07-24   ::   the bodybuilding comedian
just wanna to stop by to say "hi"
2008-07-18   ::   Emma

Hey Sterling! I saw your show in Lynden today it was great and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you at the Lynden fair!!! You are a very good magician! keep at it! i'm gonna keep that signed card for the future when you become the next David Copperfield! Lol! Then I can tell everyone you called me on stage haha!

2008-07-18   ::   Joseph

  Hey sterling. My name is Joseph Hebert. i am originally from Olympia, WA. Now living in Winston-Salem N.C. I have only been into magic for a couple of years and I have never done a show or shown anyone my magic. I am now 30 years old. Do you have any advice for how to break into the magic scene and getting started on making a show? Thank you.

"Magic makes anything possible" 

2008-07-14   ::   lexi
you r awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep being your self u where born to be a magican!!!!!!
2008-07-12   ::   Alex
I am 3rd  in amareca!
2008-07-06   ::   Joe


I think it's great that you can get yourself out there and not be afraid about what's coming next. Your personality on and off stage plays a huge role in your performances. Congrats on all of your accomplishments and keep up your magic!

2008-06-25   ::   Dick B.
We have thoroughly enjoyed your shows that we have seen.
2008-06-24   ::   Matt Benoit's amazing to see what you've been up to the last few years! I've seen you on TV twice now, and would love to come to one of your shows sometime. Congratulations on all your accomplishments in the world of magic and charity.

Your old friend from "the ECS days,"

Matt Benoit

2008-06-03   ::   Maria Ibanez

Your life, your career, and your wonderfulness will take you far in life and I will forever pray that you continue to be blessed by the good Lord and that he will continue to help guide you down the straight and narrow paths.   As you travel that road, please bear in mind that I will be back here, keeping you in thought and prayer, and available to you for anything you feel I may be able to be of assistance with.
Thank you Sterling for being what and who you are, thank you for all you are and will grow to be and thank you for allowing me the privilege of calling you my friend.    As a friend, if I may impose to ask a favor, please thank your parents once again for the job they've done in raising you and from the bottom of my heart, thank them for me for sharing you with the magic world and more specifically with my family and myself.

My respect, admiration and love always

Maria Ibanez
Proud friend of Sterling Dietz & Family
Society of American Magicians

2008-05-16   ::   Kathy
Thank you so much for performing at this years Cystic Fibrosis Bike-a-Thon. It was a fun, energetic, upbeat, entertaining show. Your message at the end was lovely. Thank you!
2008-05-12   ::   King\'s Magician
Great web site! Hope to see your show sometime soon!
2008-05-12   ::
Hey Sterling , Best of Luck with all of your future goals . As a professional Magician , I admire your drive and determination to be the BEST.  Keep it up !
2008-05-12   ::   Jann Goodsell

All of us associate with the S.Y.M. are so proud of you and all you are doing...and I don't mean just your magic!



2008-05-12   ::   Official Manager of Sterling:)
ahhh sterling, it takes time to figure out what kind of a guy you are.  At first i thought you were just some kid who loves magic, but now i know who you really are.  Im glad to have an awesome friend like you:) luv ya man!
2008-05-11   ::   Night_mistress
Wow you are truly a tribute to other teen magicians! congratulations and best of luck in all you do!
2008-05-07   ::   wheelchair magic
You are the best and your pastor was right you are kind and polite. I have known you 2 years and I love your magic, your new ,fresh, and I only wish you the best
2008-05-07   ::   Eddy Lester
2008-05-06   ::   Dilly Bar
Hi Hi Hi! Your preformance at the Math State Compettion was the best I ever seen!
2008-04-29   ::   Magic Max
I was so impressed with your performance at the Magic Jamboree last Friday evening.  It was such a moving, beautiful stage performance!  I hope you take 1st in Vegas at the WMS!
2008-04-28   ::   Pastor Jordan
I talked with you on a flight from Portland to Las Vegas.  I was impressed with your attitude and your very proper and polite way you treated those you spoke to.  Hope you win at the Orleans.
2008-04-25   ::   Vet Tech in OR
I loved your performance at the Magic Jamboree tonight.  You are a rising star and I hope that I get to see your name in lights some day in Vegas!!
2008-04-23   ::   Eton School
2008-04-20   ::   Dream of Magic
OK.>.<First of all,you were SO awesome yesterday!!

2008-04-18   ::   Suzz
Best of Luck in your work Sterling! Your such a delight to those you show your work to. Many blessings to you and safe travels as well.
2008-04-16   ::   Tammy
You are an amazing magician! Your heart really comes through in your performance and I expect that will lead to great things.
2008-04-11   ::   Magic Hanz


You are a sharp, crisp, cutting magician.  I wish you the best in magic and in life.

~Magic Hanz 

2008-04-08   ::   Kenny
Hey you good man
2008-04-05   ::   Sam
It was so cool when you performed at my school! I had no idea how you did any of your tricks. You rock!
2008-03-24   ::   Lynden Bike-a-thon for Cystic Fibrosis
2008-03-23   ::   jordan
your magic is awesome
2008-03-21   ::   Marco

You rock! I LOVE you!!!


2008-03-21   ::   Ham

Hey hottie u are so awsome I luv u!!!!

2008-03-16   ::   Joanna
Amazing show tonight Sterling! Thanks for the autographs,

I have no idea how you do what you do, but that's the entire point. Loved your show at Blaine High School's Performing Arts Center for the Close-Up Foundation. I'll be keeping an eye on the magic world now, and hope you do well at the Adult International Stage Competition at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. Hopefully I can watch it if they broadcast it. And what you havew done in the last three years is amazzing!!!

 Good Luck Sterling! Hope you win!

2008-03-16   ::   TNT
 we saw your magic show yesterday at the performing arts center and we think you are totally awesome.we would like to meet you in person some day!we really liked the newspaper trick the best!
2008-03-15   ::   Elexis
2008-03-15   ::   Sara Joy
Sterling, Thank you so much for such an incredible show tonight!!! Our entire family was beyond entertained. We're so proud of you and all your hard work. (it really shows) Keep it up! Your new act is amazing!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!
2008-03-14   ::   Kendra*

Hey i went to your show to day at the PAC in Blaine.... And Melinda always has warm hands no mader wat.... SHe wanted to keep the egg because she wanted to say i have a somthing from a KOOl KOOL kid like you...i loved your show i liked the end part with the family thing... how did you make it up if you even did it was very SWEET.... My friend thought you were crying when you were saying it... It would be so KOOL if you could perform at my 16th birthday party.....

2008-03-08   ::   Barbara

We just came from Sterling's wonderful free performance at the Ferndale Library and are going over to Birch Bay to purchase tickets for next Friday's show at the Blaine Performance center. 

Sterling is so gifted. It was a pleasure to see him work. Sincerely, Barbara

2008-02-29   ::   masha!!

heya! well i can't wait to see your performance!yay! even when u shoowed me a little bit of magic in scool...i got really impresed! thats amazing!=))

2008-02-29   ::   YANA
2008-02-27   ::   Steve

Dear Sterling,

I saw your performance at the GaPac annual business meeting and dinner. I must say the level of your performance was equal to anything that I have seen in Las Vegas. Your interaction with the audience was amazing. You have a bright future.

2008-02-18   ::   Callie
Hey Sterling.. I just picked up my dad's Linking Ring issue for February and saw your acticle. That is amazing what you have done with your career. I did not really realize it until after i had thrown many pennies at you in the Ice cream shop.

Best Of Luck and Hello From Alaska..

Callie Conerton
2008-02-15   ::   Uncle Craig
I enjoyed your performance videos. your looking great and very fluid like in your movements keep up the good work. Love Craig and Alison
2008-02-10   ::   Veronica Wight

Hi Sterling,

I haven't met you yet, but your parents are friends with my parents.  Going to visit Richard and Rochelle are some of my best childhood memories. I live in the DC/Baltimore area so if you come near this corner of the world I'll try to come out and see your show.  You are very talented. I'm not surprised your parents produced such a wonderful kid!

2008-02-07   ::   Hayashida
Thank you for letting me know your wonderful achievement. Your mother Rochelle sent me the article about you. I read it with surprise and pleasure.
2008-02-04   ::   aaron

Hey sterling its Aaron, cant wait to hang with you agian in vegas in a couple months


2008-01-27   ::   Mark/Dena
Just wanted to say you "rocked" at the Scholten's party last night! Can't wait to see you again on March 14. Keep up the great work!
2008-01-26   ::   Awsome

THat was so cool!!!!!!

2008-01-17   ::   Emily

You are so truly dedicated to magic, and that rocks that you have a passion for something.  I'm glad that you're getting more successful in such little time too.  I know the job can be chaotic and stressful, but seeing how you stick to it, tells me that this is what you were meant to do.  I know you're constantly busy, but yet you still make time to be a friend; and thanks for that. 

2008-01-14   ::   Alex
Sterling  I  just  thank  you  for  makeing  me  what  to  be  a  magician.
2008-01-04   ::   krista and julia and courtney

hi sterlingg!!!! you are amazing LIVE ON TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

were in the library with you right now.

2008-01-03   ::   Jonas
2007-12-31   ::   Da in Anchorage, Alaska
Hi Sterling! Your performance was awesome. You have so much potential. I will always keep the 10 of spaids that you signed.  ;)
2007-12-30   ::   Alex
Sterling  have you look't  up on your com?From:Alex
2007-12-29   ::   Alex

Sterling, I am 8. I like your tricks. They are very cool. I saw you in Anchorage ALASKA on 12-28-2007. I like when you made the glowing stick float. From, Alex

2007-12-06   ::   Victoria Skye


Your passion, dedication, and power that you bring to magic never ceases to amaze me. Ever since I met you at Jeff McBride's Master Class you have been an inspiration to me. I love watching you learn new skills, and performing them with a confident smile and a twinkle in your eyes. It's obvious that your magic does not come from your "tricks", but from your heart and that is what people are drawn to.

Hey Sterling, check out Grant Carden's video that won Dashboard Confessional's "Thick as Thieves" Music Video contest. Grant used card tricks nonstop throughout the video to tell the story of the song. It will be the official music video for their "'Thick as Thieves" song.

Sterling,I wish you all the best for your future!

Victoria Skye

2007-12-05   ::   \"kare\"

Sterling,You are a great inspiration!! After i saw you I took up card tricks. I love doing magic with cards!

2007-11-21   ::   James

Hi Sterling,

My family and I saw your performance this past weekend at the Historic Everett theatre. It was truly inspiring. You have the grace and style to go to the top of your field. Thank you for a memorable performance.

2007-11-18   ::   nicole
hi thanks for the website youn told me about on your card and sutch @('_')@
2007-11-06   ::   Benjilini
You have great potential and YOU will make it as long as you stay focused and those people like your Parents always support you. I enjoyed your show at Fantasma, and will be sending you some autographed photos for your personal collection. Keep up the great work ! Benjilini
2007-11-01   ::   Summer
Hey buddy!!! you never stop impressing me. I just watched your tv spot. looks like you will be the next phenom :) I had better book you soon before I can't  afford you! what does your january schedual look like? I am launching my new company and would love for you to come and show your stuff. call me so I can give you the details. ttyl......................Summer :)
2007-10-25   ::   Max
hey man, great shows last night at fantasma. i cant wait to see what  you bring in the future.

2007-10-22   ::   Marty
It was my pleasure to get to know you and your folks at the Washington Fairs Convention last week.  Your performance was first class as is your attitude.
2007-10-22   ::   Mary

Hi Sterling,

I was so impressed with your performance for the Washington Fair Association Sat. night. Your command of the stage was amazing for any entertainer, let alone one as young as you. You are destined for great things, and your future is very bright!  Thank you for the wonderful Showcase.

2007-10-18   ::   New launched web sight!

We Love your new web sight! Totally awesome, just like you, Rich & Rochelle! Looking forward to visiting it often! Have a great time in New York!Blessings to you Sterling and to your Mom & Dad.

Meredith & Steve Moyer :)

2007-10-17   ::   Tim


I saw you at the library and ya idk good job.


2007-10-17   ::   Houdini2009

Hey Man, Keep up the great work!!!

2007-10-17   ::   Kerrbear
You've come really far Sterling, and that hard work by itself makes you magical.
2007-10-07   ::   Robert
Sterling, keep up the great work!!!
2007-09-16   ::   Shannon
so it was kool seeing you at the woods lol.
2007-09-16   ::   nothingsuspicoushere
hey cool site
wanna link exchange if you want to
email me at
My Site Is Here
2007-09-14   ::   Magic Mike
Hi Sterling,
Do you have an e-mail address I could reach you at?
Its not reguarding a magic show but I am a junior magician and I would like to chat with you a little.
2007-09-11   ::   Amy Pong
Dear Sterling,
Wow! You've come a long way baby. (If that doesn't age me) Can't wait to see you in Vegas.
Love ya, Amy
2007-09-09   ::   georgia donovan
Loved your show last night at the Boys and Girls Club Bingo.

Also loved winning the prize of your performance.

2007-09-07   ::   kyle
hi Strling,

u rock and i hope that one day i can be as good as you
2007-09-06   ::   Mary Cole
Hi Sterling,

We had lots of great comments from our guests at our party about how much they enjoyed you and Jessica performing your fabulous magic! They were really impressed with your professionalism, and blown away with your obvious skill and natural talent. Your 'close-up' magic was a great teaser for what was to come, and your stage show with lights and terrific sound system made our event truly memorable. You know how to entertain, and how to make it fun! Thank you for a great time!
2007-09-03   ::   The Boyett Family
sterling, saw you today also at angels b-day party. you were great! you are destined for a great future! We really enjoyed the show.
2007-09-02   ::   Dee and AJ
We saw your performance today at Angles party and you were very entertaining. We were very impressed and hope to see you achieve great fame in the future. Good luck!
2007-09-01   ::   Spencer McKinnon
I'm the girl who was cleaning up after your show at the NWWFair. I wish I could have seen your show. But what I saw was amazing. I love to try and figure tricks out. You should be happy to know that I can't figure any of it out... yet.

Maybe see ya around Lynden,
2007-08-31   ::   ciana brower
Dear sterling im like your biggest EVER!!! you could RULE a nation
2007-08-28   ::   keauna blakely
Dear Sterling,

I think you are so so cool. You're very good at magic. I want to be just like you when I grow up. Love your biggest fan ever,

Keauna N. Blakely
age 8
2007-08-27   ::   Sam and Marianne Lancaster
Remember us from Reno? We've been telling our local SYM about you. We still think about how talented you are.
Say hi to your Dad.
2007-08-26   ::   alex
you are good at magic where are you doing magic next
2007-08-22   ::   Luke Harris
Hey Sterling,

Thanks so much for letting me tag along yesterday. I'll e-mail photos to you guys soon.

2007-08-22   ::   Carolyn Bradley Davis
Hi Sterling,
I was totally impressed by your 'Magic of Learning' performance at the LSD employee orientation today. I've heard a lot of good things about you and your magic, so was glad to finally be wow-ed by your show. Are you still performing with Jessica? I was her 4th grade teacher, and she was one of my math wizards! Best wishes to you both! It will be fun to watch you further develop your talent, skills, and poise. You are a fine role model to many! Sincerely, Carolyn Bradley Davis
2007-08-21   ::   Rebecca Hansen
I just heard you on KGMI. Way to go Sterling! You are amazing. I look forward to seeing you at the BP picnic.
2007-08-21   ::   June
Hi I have seen your show several times and have really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
2007-08-21   ::   dawson
sterling how did you start on doing magic.
2007-08-20   ::   Jenny Owens
Kelly Knight was telling me about all your great success. I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Owens
2007-08-20   ::   justin
good shows at lynden koa and washingtonfair!
2007-08-19   ::   Jeff Handerson
I saw you at the fair this year. Great job and was nice to talk to you. Keep up the great job
2007-08-17   ::   Sydney Uselman
dear sterling,
i don't know if u saw me but i just saw u yesterday at the fair i was wearing lc shorts and a lc shirt and lc sweatshirt i of course go to lynden christian anyways i loved your show you are so good at magic keep up the good work! :-)
2007-08-17   ::   Annika
Hey i saw u at the Lyndon Fair Today, u probly dont remember, but u signed my arm. I thought u werre truely amazing and i would love to see one of ur shows again but unfortunetly, i live in Texas. Maybe u'll come there sometime... i hope
2007-08-15   ::   Mary
Sterling....I think you are an inspiration to all

2007-08-15   ::   Lucas 
I was excited to learn of another young magician from Washington. I am a nine year old magician from Redmond.
I have been interested in magic for about a year and a half.
I have done shows at a local coffee house and several family functions. I will try to see one of your upcoming shows. I love hanging out at the Pike Place Market Magic Shop. I spend almost every waking moment practicing. Do you have any advice for someone like me? Also, do you ever do any coaching?


2007-08-15   ::   Thomas
Hi Sterling! I saw your show at the KOA.... amazing! You are awesome! (Those kids upfront just need some discipline!!!!!) Your assistant is great, too! Can't wait to see your show again.
2007-08-14   ::   Angel
My family is new and we went on our first FAMILY trip last weekend (aug. 11th-12th). Your magic show was the first thing our kids could agree to do together and it was the first thing they sat together quietly for. Thanks for bringing a perfect ending to our family trip. We liked it so much we put in a request for you to come to my daughter moose's 3rd b-day party. Thanks again for a wonderful show. It's really nice to see your dad with you and you all working together. Family is important.
2007-08-13   ::   Matthew
Hey sterling! I saw your KOA show. AWESOME show and loved those productions. Don't let those annoying little kids get you annoyed ! I'm about to join the Ring of Fire (or prehaps smoke lol), so who knows... maybe i'll see you there.
2007-08-07   ::   mike locker
i hear you have hats? i want one
2007-08-06   ::   Lizz Griffin
Sterling your amazing!
2007-07-27   ::   hayley
You do awesome magic! love,hayley
2007-07-27   ::   Avalon
hey Sterling..
I saw the Haggen show about a week ago.. and I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do.. =]]
Your magic tricks are awesome.. also.... thank you for signing my card that I got when you threw them out in the audience.. that made my night.. lol..
2007-07-23   ::   Tracey
Sterling, it was great to see you at Grandpa Wayne's birthday party! You and Jessica are great square dancers Thank you both for entertaining us!
2007-07-23   ::   hayley peters
dear sterling you have learned so many cool magic tricks!
2007-07-22   ::   Richelle Pearson
ok so i saw u at Wayans 90th birthday today and i helped u in the show, forced but i did help...just thought i would stop bye and say hi and stuff, plus i thought u were hott k bye
2007-07-20   ::   Andrew Blair
Sterling!!! Your awesome and i kno u!! We go to skool together!! YEAH!!
2007-07-19   ::   Linda Brown
Great job at the Burlington library today. Looking forward to booking an event with you soon!
2007-07-19   ::   Korey Krotzer
I saw you on Evening Magazine and you were really good. I've wanted to join the IBM but i never got around to sending it in. The kind of magic I like is stage magic and some close up magic. thanks for reading

2007-07-19   ::   Whitman Family
We loved watching your segment on Evening Magazine last night! The boys were so excited to see you on t.v. They were pretty proud to know that such a star performed right in their own house! Keep up the awesome work!!!
-Marty, Sarah, Clayton and Koby
2007-07-18   ::   Joe
I love your magic Stlering!ITS AWESOME!
I love it.
Maryea V.R.Torrey:
Bravo!Bravo!Bravo! I look forward to seeing more magic.
Keep it up Sterling!! you inspire others...maryea
2007-07-18   ::   phyllis waters
Congratulations on all your accomplishments this year. It was awesome seeing you perform in Las Vegas this past February when I traveled with Ms. Sapp. Please extend my regards to your parents. Look forward to seeing you perform again in the future. Perhaps even at the Magic Castle one day.

Wilmington, CA
2007-07-15   ::   Demetree Robinson
You have come so far in such a short time. I first saw you at a Trailblazers event in Lynden just a few years ago. You truly have a gift and I pray that God will continue to bless you and use your talent as a ministry to save lives. I also pray that you will continue to enjoy your gift and travel all over the world. What an accomplishment! Continue to bless God for your gift and thank him for your many blessings.
2007-07-10   ::   suzi
my parents sent me the article on your last competion. congrats. I am your dads cousin, my parents are chuck and diana cartwight. keep up the good work. suzi
2007-07-08   ::   Ginger from Dallas
You could be the next Copperfield the way you move, and control the stage. What a joy to see you work!
2007-07-08   ::   Ed White
What a privelege to have had you on our Cabarat Performance Jun 15th. Both my wife and i really enjoyed your performance and look forward to watching you over the coming years.
2007-07-08   ::   Daryl Howard

It was a great pleasure to meet you at this year's SAM convention in Dallas. I hope that you will continue to keep up the great work that you are doing in magic. Hope to see you again soon at the next magic convention.
Daryl Howard
2007-07-06   ::   Ron 
Sterling - congratulations on your win at the IBM convention and other contests! Great to see young folks doing so well and getting good recogintion. And, getting you picture taken with Chriss Angel! I'm so jealous...

Ron Hodges, old codger (64)
Ring 225, Spokane, WA
2007-07-04   ::   Nick Paleveda
Great website!
2007-06-29   ::   ESA PATTERSON
Sterling, I am so thrilled with all that you have accomplished. By the grace of God and your parent's devotion you are a shining star and an inspiration to many youth today. Thank you for giving back as much as you receive. You are truly blessed and a blessing to know. Good luck and hope to see you perform soon. Love, Esa, Jeff & Ryan.
2007-06-28   ::   Adam Truitt
Hey Sterling! You are one of the best magicians I have ever seen (honestly). One day, I think you could even be (way) better than Criss Angel, just keep up the amazing magic.
May sound silly to you, but how well does Criss Angel know you, or how well do you know him? Sense you have met him two times now. Dude! we should hang this summer and show eachother some of the magic we've been working on when we both arn't so busy doing shows. e-mail back, and have fun!! Cordialy, Adam Truitt
2007-06-24   ::   Eric
Keep it up. Good show in the RAIN in Lynden.
2007-06-21   ::   Hannah Hyde
sterling!!! you are amazing and you are such an awesome person im glad i know you because you are so down to earth!!! see you in the fall have an awesome summer=)
2007-06-19   ::   RYAN LAWSON
2007-06-17   ::   Leah orleans
srry forgot bout the e mail
2007-06-17   ::   Leah orleans
Yo Sterling! i don't know if you remember me, but I hung out with you and Jessica at the WMS helping you set up. Your website rox!
e mail me asap!
c ya!
2007-06-16   ::   Toni Ford
You are amazing!! You did a show for us on June 15th. It was so cool. I looked in my sister's yearbook and saw you. You even look amazing!! My (guy) friends think Jessica is cute!! How funny is that? We're only in 4th grade!! Please E-mail me back!! Like I said, You're AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-06-13   ::   amy hamner
would love to get a price check for my daughters 4th birthday party tried to fill out your form wasn't succesful please call me asap Home 360-393-4806 Cell 360 927-0563 thanks amy
2007-05-31   ::   becca routhe 
opps, sorry!! email is
2007-05-31   ::   becca routhe
Of course i went to the PTA show on saturday!!!! You were absoulutly amazing!!!!!!!!
2007-05-22   ::   Kipp Sherry
Keep shooting for the stars Sterling.
2007-05-19   ::   Kimberly Davis
Hi Sterling! I read that you do birthday parties. I'm interested in having you perform at my son's 8th birthday in September. Are you interested? We live in Bellingham and I teach at Bellingham High School. If you're interested, please find my Web page off the school's site and send me an e-mail (I feel strange leaving my phone number on a Web page). Thanks a bunch! Kimberly Davis
2007-05-18   ::   Amy Fields
WoW! Sterling, what a charming, handsome guy you have grown into! I enjoyed every minute of your show last Wednesday night. Continue your passion you obviously have a true talent! I loved your references to Christ- To connect the two, magic and the power of God is such a great thing! Amy Fields
2007-05-15   ::   anonymous
hey man .......well im at school right now cant wait to see u at the castle well yea yo0u shpuld put pics of me and you if you have any well talk to you soon im waiting on my dad to get a big envelope to send you signed ''wilson' mag. well talk to you soon keep in tuch

keep it ninja and very magical

2007-05-10   ::   Kristi Andrews (Killian's Mom)
Hello Sterling,
Please accept my apology for not contacting you sooner. I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the wonderful show that you put on at St Paul's Preschool last month. I loved watching the children's faces when you were performing...sheer amazement! My son, Killian, and his friends are still talking about you. In the days following your performance, many of the boys were trying their hands at creating little magic....perhaps you have inspired some future magicians!! Again, I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Also, please thank your mother for the sending the wonderful pictures!
Take care and congratulations on all of your many accomplishments.
2007-04-30   ::   Jeff
Hi Sterlling,
As fellow magician thirty years your senior, who has seen a lot of performers, some have it , and some don't. Sterling you have that star qualiity, but at the same time a humbleness about you. I now see what all the hub bub is when others talk about you as a performer. Don't ever lose that. The future is very bright. Congratulations on taking First place!
2007-04-30   ::   Jessie
Hey Sterlling, we saw you perform at the Kramien Magic jamboree. You seriously rocked the house!!! You are going to go very far in the magic world. Amazing stage presence!!!!! We can't wait to see whats next for you.
2007-04-22   ::   Ben lemons
Hey its me the light guy from Meridian High School, not the annoying one, but the guy in the suit, you were awesome.
e-mail me.
2007-04-22   ::   amanda 
: hey this is amanda i caught a rose at your show at meridian high school and i just wanted to say your show was really cool!!
2007-04-06   ::   DarthRidiculous
great looking sites, you are hanging out with LEGENDS!! Keep up the good work!
2007-04-04   ::   aaron
hey man how r things well did your dad talk to u about coming out here and calling michle finney well yea talk to your dad about it.well hope your doing good tell jess i said hello ok well laterz man call me -

keep the magic alive and real

2007-03-30   ::   Cherish 
Hey Sterling we saw you at Birchwood! You were awesome. We liked your magic. Please come back so we can see you sometime. We love your act!

Sincerely, Cherish and Brook.

(mail me
2007-03-30   ::   Sally Warrington
We want to thank you for the tickets to see your magic show at the Bellingham theatre. It was excellent! We will send you a card. We're excited to see how the Lord uses you in the future to touch lives for Him. God Bless You!
Pastor Mark and Sally Warrington
2007-03-27   ::   Paul Given
Congrats on a great show this last weekend at the Mount Baker Theatre. Our great God has given you a great gift; use it wisely to His glory... Hope to see you on TV soon.
2007-03-27   ::   anonymous
Sterling, your performance was fantastic! You can be sure I will tell all of my friends about you. I can't wait to see your future!
2007-03-25   ::   victor
Hi sterling its victor the one who is on your bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-03-24   ::   anonymous
Jacob: I watched your show at the Bellingham library. It was fantastic.
2007-03-22   ::   Alanna
2007-03-17   ::   Michael Taggert
Had fun In Vegas see you soon
The Taggerts
2007-03-07   ::   Auntie Alison
Hi Sterling!
We were hoping you could do a show on Maizy's birthday, but you're booked solid. Way to go! My e-mail is How long is the waiting list for a show?
2007-03-02   ::   aaron 
hey man i realy think u one of the best there is as far as young macians ur increable

call me we can get to gether i wanna do a big illusion show together it would be cool

im going to see u when u go to the castle for show well laterz man keep the

magic clear
2007-03-02   ::   aaron 
hey man so like im didden your site man under friends u should put a pic of us
2007-02-27   ::   Bill Koch
Sterling! Great catching up with you in Vegas! Can't wait to do it again next year! Catch you later!
2007-02-26   ::   Rochelle
Hello Sterling:
Dad and I are very proud of you. You've worked very hard these last 7 months creating your new illusion for competition in Las Vegas last week. You are certainly blessed with many gifts & talents that you can share with the world, and have an impact on people's lives. More than your accomplishments, I'm most proud of the young man you are becoming. Congratulations on placing 2nd in the world last week, and Happy 16th birthday (Feb 15).
Much love, Mom
2007-02-26   ::   Nici, Jordan and Paige Barber
I'm sure you don't remember us (your mum and dad might, hopefully) but we've been hearing all about you and your magician endeavors. We just wanted to say good for you - sounds like you've found your niche. Keep up the great work kiddo !!
The Barber
2007-02-26   ::   Paul Kelley
How did you do in Las Vegas, What ever happened you are number 1 with Carol and I.
Paul Carol
2007-02-26   ::   Jess Peterson
Hey you! Congrats on 2nd place! Hopefully we will get to hang again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 ya lots!
Forever Your Freind in Magic,
2007-02-20   ::   Chris Warren
Hey bud, man its been too long. I just typed your name in google and look what happened. You have so much going for you. You will accomplish so much in your future. Lets hang out sometime and catch up. I hope high school is treating you well. Dont forget, to him who has been given much, much is expected. Best of luck for you and your family. Your old friend, Chris Warren (360)398-1980
2007-02-16   ::   Craig 
Hey my internet was down yesterday. just wanted to say Happy Birthday
2007-02-15   ::   g,ma and grumps
2007-02-09   ::   Christopher Starr
Great looking website! May your magical star continue to rise!
2007-02-07   ::   Hannah
I saw the performance of your new Las Vegas illusion at ZLO last night. It was so moving, and elegant. Good luck in Las Vegas!!
2007-02-05   ::   Jody
I saw you at Smoke and Mirrors in Everett, You stole the show dude!!! I can't wait to see more, you were on fire!!!!!!!!
2007-02-04   ::   Pau    Carol Kelley
Your performance was fantastic last night.
I was really impressed with the light performance.
Kepp giong strong you have your whole life in front of you.
Please keep me posted when you will perform again.
Good Luck
God Bless
Paul Carol Kelley
2007-02-04   ::   Diane
Saw you at the Smoke and Mirrors benefit in Everett, Washington. You gave me your autograph and I'll treasure it as much as the memory. How well you entertained!! email for the newsletter is rafiqa at
2007-02-04   ::   Joyce
Saw you for the first time tonight at the Smoke and Mirrors show in Everett. I must say, I was totally mesmerized by your splendid performance, good looks and charm. You blew me away. If you heard someone from the audience yelling 'encore'...that was me! I hope to see you perform again very soon. I wish you the best for your career, I have the feeling you'll go very far if you let it and I hope you do! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
2007-02-02   ::   Jack
You are definatley a talent to be reckoned with. Good luck in Las Vegas
2007-01-28   ::   William Lucrisia
I wish you all the success in your craft. I was the Transportation Security Officer at the airport that got your autogrgraph.

2007-01-28   ::   Fr. Photius Bouton
Sterling, You are an incredible performer and magician. You blew us away at WMS in 2006 and again at TAOM 2006, I look forward to seeing u again at WMS 2007. Incredible talent!
2007-01-16   ::   Terri, RN
It was lovely meeting your family at Stevens yesterday! Hope all is going well. Terri
2007-01-13   ::   Kristen S.
HI sterling it's so cool i ride your bus . i think youre really cool and amazing keep up the work
2007-01-12   ::   Auntie Claudia
Love you my oh so gifted nephew.
2007-01-08   ::   Jeff Evans
It was great meeting you and your family at the Lynnwood Ring of Fire banquet. I'm already looking forward to seeing your new act at the World Magic Seminar. You're doing all the right things. Keep up the fantastic job!
2006-12-23   ::   Jake Christianson
I so was there in the beggining. The fanny pack on the bus rides...ohhhh yeah. just dont forget how it all started, a hobby...used to amaze the children on the bus (i was so admirably one of them). Nice work bud, its awsome to say that i know you.

2006-12-23   ::
Gale Park Frederick
I saw your performance at the Red Hat Luncheon at the Blm G.C.C. You are FANTASTIC !
2006-12-21   ::   Micah Brown
You seem like a great magician and one day I could be performing with you Sterling.
Micah Brown
2006-12-21   ::   Tony Tappin
Hi Sterling, Awsome job at the Waltons Christmas party. Maybe after holidays are over I can bring Teel up to watch and maybe learn a few tricks with you and John. See ya and take care.
2006-12-16   ::   Uncle,Jr. Centeno
What a surprise. You have grown to be such a
handsome young man. The last time I saw you was
at your cousin Roman's wedding. God Bless You and
your parents. Much aloha, uncle Jr.
2006-12-13   ::   Harry Herdman
Fine work Sterling. Great webstite, too. We really enjoyed your show last year, and it sounds like you just get better with time! Keep it up, and don't forget to thank your parents for all the support!

Best regards,

Dr Harry
2006-12-05   ::   Mary Evans
Hey Sterling,
You are a joy to watch, great showmanship as well as talent!! I am glad to know you
We are happy you and Jessica came to U&ME Dance, thank you Mary Evans, U&ME Dance
2006-12-03   ::   Kathleen Ewing

Hello! Thanks so much for the show for Holly's 8 Birthday! You did a Great job! God is so good to allow his saints to be so talented and create something so wonderful, and to share it with us. THANKS!! CHARLIE & kATHY EWING
2006-12-02   ::   Connor Murphy
Hello Sterling,
I really liked your magic show at Chess4Life.

Connor Murphy
2nd grade, Cherry Crest Elementary School
Bellevue, WA
Rating 794

2006-12-01   ::   beau is cool
dude, sterling. i love you
2006-11-30   ::   The Top Family
We know your magic was lovingly handed down from your parents, family, & friends. You were just too smart to leave it at that and the Sterling that you are took it and made it your own to share with the rest of the WORLD! We LOVE watching you entertain & are so proud of your accomplishments! See you at YOUR show in VEGAS....... pooof.... oxoxoxox
2006-11-25   ::   G'MA
2006-11-23   ::   Sarah
hey! i was just at the performance you did at the Claire's vg theater and i just had to say again that you did an awesome job. I l-o-v-e every part of it, a real jaw dropper! Mary Katherine wasn't lying when she had a great surprise!
2006-11-18   ::   Anonymous
Hi Sterling Dietz
I watch you at the Slam Basketball game, you are really good. I would really like to watch you perform again.
Means Talk To You Later
2006-11-15   ::   Dave Downer
Hi Sterling,
You've accomplished more in two years of magic than many people do in their entire career! Congratulations and keep up the good work. Always remember to make magic fun for both you and the audience. Nice to see Michael Ammar dropped by yesterday. We just enjoyed his lecture here in Sarasota, Florida for our November Ring meeting. You're in good company Sterling. Take care and God bless.
2006-11-14   ::   Caleb Spoelstra
YO , Sterling
YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CALL . 354-1427
I hope you call
2006-11-14   ::   anonymous
Sterling, Amazing web site. The scholarship you are offering is another gift of your generousity to our community. You will go far as you continue to use the gifts given to you for the benefit of others. Cindy Louws
2006-11-14   ::   Michael Ammar
Hi Sterling,
Although we haven't met, I have heard great things about you, so I dropped by your site to see what's up. It's all very impressive, and I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work!
2006-11-13   ::   Astrid
Hey Sterling! I'm a local magi from Seattle, just checking in to say hi and wish you the best of luck!
2006-11-08   ::   Cody Birdsey
Sterling for as long as I have known you just keep getting better and better, Bigger and Bigger shows and all in all your an excellent friend. See ya later -cody
2006-11-01   ::   Kerri Johnson
Hi there, you performed at my daughter's Birthday Party Oct 29th at the Ewing's in Lynden. I wasn't there, but Holly is a very happy and lucky girl! I think you made her MONTH. Holly says to tell you thank you for the Birthday present and your show was fantastic.
2006-11-01   ::   Myrna Weissman
Hey Sterling, I am a business acquaitance of your Dad's and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your web site. Best of luck. Myrna Weissman
2006-10-29   ::   Marvin Albert
Bravo Sterling! You were wonderful. Great personality, great presentation, great presence, great sincerity. The kids were dumbstruck, just what I'd hoped for -- dazzled, puzzled, mystified, happy! You'll have an incredible credible future, I'm sure. You inspired me
2006-10-28   ::   liv 
durr durr durr. sterling. you my friend are so amazing at magical-ness. its sorta cool
2006-10-26   ::   Donna Commissaris
I saw your show this past weekend, and I was truly impressed. You are in control on the stage, and it is obvious that you are enjoying the magic as much as we were.
2006-10-21   ::   jack myers
sterling you're cool ,but man i hate you! when you're even more famous than you are now just remember, i can still make your food disappear better than you can!
2006-10-19   ::   Ed  Rohweder
Incredible young magician!!!!
2006-10-16   ::   Carol Pederson
You are an outstanding young man!
2006-10-10   ::   Auntie Donni
Congratulations on yet another 1st Place win at the Day of Magic in Everett! We are so proud of you. You're unstoppable! God Bless you Sterling. We love you.
2006-10-08   ::   Dorothy De Mond 
This is a nice web sight.... It looks like your going places....I will be watching your progress....keep up the good work............Dorothy (from Horizon Airline)
2006-10-03   ::   Esa Patterson
Hi Sterling!
Great job. We are so proud of you and all of your hard work. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you perform in person some day.
Esa, Jeff & Ryan Patterson
2006-10-03   ::   Diane & Loren Neyens
Sterling, It was great to hear from you. We are so proud of your success! We'd love to see you perform sometime. Give mom and dad our love.

Diane & Loren & Daniel
2006-10-02   ::   Dr. Neff
Rich... I had Miko perform at the last NUCCA conference to be held in Vancouver. He did the talk and show at the Saturday night banquet, as you saw on the DVD. NUCCA is again meeting this next Spring, April, in Vancouver. A thought just occured to me that a Miko/Sterling, or Sterling show might be a good plan for the NUCCA conference. We can talk about it later.
Great site Sterling... good colour scheme... my idea for the artistic website.
Dr. Neff
2006-10-02   ::   Sr. Powell
Estoy muy feliz de ver lo que estas haciendo con la magica. Es muy impresionante! Te felicito y te espero todo lo mejor. Y espero que te puedo ensenar suficiente espanol para llevar tu show a Mexico.

Sr. Powell
2006-10-02   ::   Tobias Beckwith
Hey, Sterling! Great web-site. I had fun catching up on some of your news. Awesome!

A couple of small notes; I''d lose the 'All caps' in your bio. And you've spelled Max's name wrong under his picture in your 'pictures' section. 'Maven,' not 'Mavin.' We all want to keep Uncle Max happy!

Congratulations on keeping out there and doing it right!

Best wishes.
2006-10-02   ::   meredith moyer
Very cool Sterling. God has given you your gifts....He will take them to the world...thats His Best Plan! Your web sight is cool.
IF you ever want help with it my son Brandon Hahnel in Bellingham who works for Whatcom Educational Credit Union has just started his own websight business. He is good.....OMSnw (Online Marketing Solutions Northwest) Graphic Design-Web Development. 360-303-3588 You have a great set of parents. Meredith Moyer
2006-10-02   ::   Jack Barrows
2006-09-30   ::   nathanieldog barton
i have to say your picture on the homepage freakd me out when i first stopped by but by now it doesnt bother mee and it actually fits nicely. yup. keep your magic curly hair cool and a-flowin.

2006-09-26   ::   Maria and Danielle
hi sterling. sweet page. Maria and Danielle
2006-09-24   ::   Jester
ooooooooooooooooooooo you rock to take in a crazy red head and not dump her off on the sidewalk nice but yeah your rockin so far keep it up.
2006-09-24   ::   Andrew Hathaway
wow i didnt think any1 from lynden would get big but ur getting bigger and bigger
2006-09-22   ::   Isabel
I saw you at the Big Brothers and Big Sisters event. You were awesome!!!!
2006-09-21   ::   Robert Sode
your website is getting better and better, nice work

2006-09-20   ::   Taryn V
Hey Sterling I'm Stephanie Vis's younger sister. I saw you at KOA, the ZLO thing, and the 6th Harry Potter book release at Barnes and Noble.

You are amazing!!!!!
I just know you'll end being a millionare. LOL
2006-09-20   ::   Quirz
LOL Great website. LOL
2006-09-20   ::   Quirz
Hi Richard.
2006-09-14   ::   dana archip
i hope you and your family, including the ferret, are well!
i was watching family guy and thought to write in your guest, i saw something kind of weird yesterday - a girl hitched a ride w/ a guy in a motorized wheel chair..she was sitting on his lap and everything!
2006-09-14   ::   Adam Truitt
Hey Sterling! you're an awsome magician. I hope I can be as good as you someday! And keep up the good work! I know that one day you might become one of the most well known magicians in the world!!!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!!!
2006-09-11   ::   lizkayz
hey sterling ill cya in class tomorrow!!!
2006-09-11   ::   Natalie the Great Comradski
Hi sterling you are reading this over my shoulder. have a nice day!
2006-09-10   ::   Cody Birdsey
They think your gonna be big in magic? lol you already are...... talk to ya l8r give me a call sumtime
2006-09-09   ::   Joe Sands
Hey Sterling, I saw you in Dallas and you totally rocked the house!!!! I think your going to be big in Magic. Keep working hard!!
2006-09-09   ::   Danielle Nelson
Hi Sterling,

I had the pleasure to see you at the SAM convention this summer and I must say I am very impressed by all of your accomplishments. I'm only 22, but I've been in magic for 16 years and your achievements are quite inspirational. Keep up the great work! If you're ever looking for a theatrical designer (costume/scenic) let me know. I'd love to do some work for you...

2006-09-09   ::   Scott Havard
Sterling you are the man. Just wanted to come out and say that, 18 months 242 shows, how do you have time for school? Anyways just stoping by and seeing how things have been going for you, and it looks like they are going good. Anyways, grats on all you've accomplished and i'll be looking forward to hearing more about you.
2006-09-09   ::   ranDfox
auntie donni says dat she cannot find a picof her on yur pix and i only c one pic wit wat u call the rat dog haha (we kidd'n around) just 2 let ya know =/we luv u and we proud of u fo sho
2006-09-09   ::   Roham 
Hi Sterling, great new site and the pictures are great.
Keep up the good work.

magician and friend, Roham
2006-09-09   ::   vincent lester
hey whats up sterling. great new page. great pics. talk to you later.
2006-09-09   ::   Paul Draper
Great new site. I look forward to seeing you when you are in Vegas.
2006-09-07   ::   Rich Dietz
I am very proud of all you have accomplished, and the joy you have brought to your many fans.