The Magic of Sterling Dietz


Sterling and JessFirst let me say that the year 2007 was a very special year for me.  The many opportunities to grow and mature as a magician were life changing.  In February, the World Magic Seminar came with an opportunity for me to come back as the 2006 Champion and open the main show of the convention for renowned magicians Mark Kalin & Jinger.  What an honor.  I also had the opportunity to compete with a brand new illusion with my assistant, Jessica Gassman, called “Remembrance”.  We took second but showed another side of myself and growth in my magic.

SterlingAfter the World Magic Seminar, I traveled to Kramien’s Northwest Magic Jamboree in Newberg, Oregon.  Stan Kramien at one time toured all across this country with one of the largest magic show tours in history.  Stan, in retirement, has hosted this wonderful event for the past twenty years.  At the 20th annual gathering I competed in the adult stage competition winning first place.  Stan has honored me by asking me to perform and open the Friday night show this coming year.

In July, I traveled to Reno, Nevada to attend and compete at the convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I took first place in the teen stage competition, and was honored to be selected along with the top 5 adult stage finalists to compete for the coveted Gold Medal. The gold medal is not awarded every year.  It is only awarded in the instance that the judges feel an act goes way above just being really good.  Unfortunately, none of the six finalists would receive the gold medal again this year.  I was, however, awarded the “People’s Choice” award for the convention by the magicians and spectators in attendance.  This type of award is very validating to a performer/entertainer.

Sterling and AwardsAt the I.B.M. convention I was also awarded the Fantasma Magic award presented by CEO Roger Dreyer. This honor included a trip to New York that was filled with magical moments like none other.

The sad news of the passing of my magic friend, Jack Barrows, from Colon, Michigan, moved me to dedicate this I.B.M. performance and experience to him (click here to view video).  It was also at this I.B.M. convention I made the decision that even though I could continue to compete as a teen for several years, I needed to stretch myself to the next level and compete as an adult.

A week after I.B.M., I traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend and compete at the Society of American Magicians convention.  I was awarded second place iSterling and Friendsn the adult stage competition.  I was also presented the GENII award by Richard Kaufman of Genii Magazine, in recognition of great potential shown in the magical arts.

In December, I.B.M. Fantasma Ring #257 in Las Vegas, invited me to perform and be a presenter at the tribute to 96 year old John Calvert, a living legend of magic.  The gathered performers for the gala event  were inventors and performers of magic from New York to Las Vegas.  One of my biggest goals in magic was to be realized. The magician who inspired me to take up the art three years ago, Jeff McBride, opened the show that night.  I was given the honor to close the show.  It was Master and apprentice as bookends to some of the finest magicians of our time.  To share the stage with my heroes in magic—what a night to remember.  A special thanks to Roger Dreyer and Fantasma Magic for making this possible.

As if this isn’t enough for a sixteen year old, there was more to come before the year end, when I received word from the World Magic Seminar that I had been  invited to represent the United States in the International Adult Stage Competition in Las Vegas for 2008 in April.  What an honor to be the first teenager ever invited to do so--what a responsibility--what an opportunity! What does 2008 hold for me, only God knows.  But I am as sure today as I was three years ago when I told my Dad, “that this is what I was born to do.”  God has a plan for my life and he has brought all the right people into my life to fulfill it.  I know who is in charge of my life, and I will continue to follow.          

 ~ Sterling Dietz